Rolling Thunder Photography is owned and operated by Jeremy Pacacha. He grew up with a passion for animals and although he didn’t follow his childhood dream of becoming a vet, he has done many other things with animals because of his desire to be around animals. As a young child, he took care of his pet rabbit (Freckles) and box turtle (Spike). At 15, he got his first German Shorthaired Pointer (Trigger) who spent 9 wonderful years with him. At 15, Jeremy started riding horses and at only 16 years old, became an apprentice at a riding academy, training in Classical Dressage. He now lives in Westmoreland County with his wife and furkids, Blu, Koopa, Leyna, Xena and Rumor. They are heavily involved in dog sports and competition. The information and experience he has learned in all the various things he has done, has helped him understand animals on a deeper level to get the images clients are looking for.